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June 5, 2011


George Orwell - Animal Farm.pdf (eBook)

Cover of George Orwell - Animal Farm
Orwell presented a Dystopian allegory very sharply in this particular novel and captured the going-ons in the Stalin Era before World War II broke out. Through his Animal Farm novel, he didn't not only address the revolution leaders' corruption but also how the utopia of a better world was destroyed by wickedness, ignorance, and greed.

Though it is the corruption in the revolution and not the revolution as a movement which is regarded as the flaw, the novel also points out that ignorance and indifference present problems within a revolution and they bring possibility of horrors to happen should the transition to a people's government is not satisfied.

eBook Details
Author: George Orwell;
Genre/Subject: Classic;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 55;
File Size: 1 MB;

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