The Twelve Tasks of Asterix PDF

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix PDF

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Preview of The Twelve Tasks of Asterix: After a group of legionaries is once again beaten up by the Gauls, they imagine: "With such huge strength, they can't be human... they must be gods". Julius Caesar is informed, and laughs. He makes a decision with his council and goes to Armorica, to speak with Vitalstatistix. He gives the Gauls a series of 12 tasks, inspired by Hercules (but new ones, since the 12 Labours are outdated). Vitalstatistix assembles their best warriors, Asterix and Obelix, to do the job. The Roman Caius Tiddlus is sent along with them to guide them and check they complete each task.

01. Run faster than Asbestos, champion of the Olympic Games.
02. Throw a javelin farther than Verses, the Persian.
03. Beat Cilindric, the German.
04. Cross a lake.
05. Survive the hypnotic gaze of Iris, the Egyptian.
06. Finish a meal by Calorofix, the Belgian.
07. Survive the Cave of the Beast.
08. Find Permit A 38 in "The Place That Sends You Mad".
09. Cross a ravine on an invisible tightrope, over a river full of crocodiles.
10. Climb a mountain and answer the Old Man's riddle.
11. Spend a night on the haunted plains.
12. Survive the Circus Maximus.

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Author: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo;
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  2. Hi. Sorry for inconvenience. I have put a new link.

    BTW, this is the illustrated story book.