The Beatles: Every Little Thing PDF

The Beatles: Every Little Thing PDF

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The Beatles rules forever! They are the most influential, important, and popular band ever makes music. Continuing to attract music listeners from generation to generation though no longer releasing any album. The Beatles: Every Little Thing is an eye-opening book about the English foursome written by written by Maxwell Mackenzie. It provides a collections of interesting facts, trivia, and awesome untold revelations—from the Beatles' crazy times at Germany's Cavern Club to break up as a band

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John, Paul, George and Ringo still rule! The music of the most important and popular group ever fills the airwaves to this day, winning a new generation of fans to the fold almost thirty years after the quartet disbanded. For everyone who has ever been entranced by the Beatles' joyful, electrifying magic, Every Little Thing offers a treasury of fascinating facts, trivia and remarkable behind-the-scenes revelations—from the wild days and wilder nights at Germany's Cavern Club to their last day together in the recording studio.

Here is a book packed with choice, little-known tidbits about the "Fab Four:" the groundbreaking album they recorded in one session; the famous faces that were removed from the "Sgt. Pepper" cover; the misunderstanding that sparked an explosive political melee in Manila. Aficionados will flock to this incomparable volume, which provides everything you ever wanted to know—and more—about the phenomenal group that changed popular music forever.

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