Glenn T Pillsbury - Damage Incorporated PDF

Glenn T Pillsbury - Damage Incorporated PDF

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Metallica! The word says it all. They are one of the greatest and most influential trash/heavy metal bands ever. They have successfully brought metal music to another level, and brought it from underground up to mainstream stages and industry. Some of their hits and albums have become some of the most influential, not only rock history, but in music history.

Damage Incorporated: Metallica and the Production of Musical Identity is a brilliant and informative book about Metallica written by Glenn T. Pillsbury is (more or less) a "partial" biography of that biggest metal band, Metallica. More or less because this book tells more from academic view, about their musical patterns, the influence they got and give, and some other aspects around culture.

*Preview of Damage Incorporated: Metallica and the Production of Musical Identity*
Damage Incorporated is the first book about the legendary heavy metal band Metallica that provides a detailed exploration of the group’s music and its place within the wider popular music landscape. Written with a broad readership in mind, it offers an interdisciplinary study that incorporates a range of topics which intersect with the band’s music and cultural influence. For students of popular culture, mass media, and music, Damage Incorporated will be necessary reading, and sets a new standard for the study and exploration of metal within the field of popular music studies.

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