Greg Prato - Grunge Is Dead PDF

Greg Prato - Grunge Is Dead PDF

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The 60's had rock 'n' roll, the 80's had metal and punk, and the 90's had grunge. Though the origin of the term itself has never been clearly described, the word "grunge" has become an integral part in history, not only in music, but also in other area such as design. That's a prove how crucial and how big its influence is toward popular culture. Grunge Is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music is a rich and eye-opening book written by Greg Prato that delivers more insight into Grunge scene.

In this book, Prato takes the readers to learn the history of grunge from the people who were really there. People who experienced and witnessed first hand how grunge grew from underground to upper-ground in music scenes and all the hype when it invaded music industry internationally.

Through more than 130 interviews, including with Eddie Vedder, Duff McKagan, Mark Arm, Kim Thayil, etc., Greg Prato tries to make a round and complete pictures about a genre, an era, a lifestyle, that has left its mark in the history.

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