Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend PDF

Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend PDF

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Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend is a compelling biography written by Stephen Davis. In this book, Davis portrays the life of one of the most iconic musician, explores his background, and exposes the rock-star life. Jim Morrison has become a music legend and will always be forever. He literally rocked the world during the 60's with his band the Doors. The psychedelic cabaret music of his band and the surreal poetic lyrics he wrote have mesmerized many people through generations.

For some people he was a pure genius and for some he was also a smart annoying person. Jim's life had some dark unknown areas, which some of them were apparently crucial and affected his life forever. In this biography, Davis tries to enter some of those darker sides of a man that once was considered as the most brilliant and sensual music performer.

In this book readers will "grow together" with James Douglas Morrison in a navy family, how he and his family constantly moved from one town to another, his terror against his little brother or sister, how he grew into the most clever student in his class, his ability to quote every book he ever read, his choice to study cinematography, and off course how he finally met Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore and hypnotized generations of rock lovers with the Doors.

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