Life with My Sister Madonna PDF

Life with My Sister Madonna PDF

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Life with My Sister Madonna is a fascinating autobiography of Christopher Ciccone who used to be living and growing up, and later working together, with one of the greatest divas of the 20th and 21st century, Madonna. This writer of this great book is Madonna's own brother. As a brother and also colleague, he has experienced, saw, and felt many, many things about and with his sister.

In this biography, Ciccone takes to readers to see how it feels to live and work with his ultra-famous sister, something that is rarely seen by the world. He shows who Madonna really is as a person, as a woman. They spent their childhood together in Michigan, and Christopher has witnessed every step his sister took in becoming the ultra-superstar-diva as we know today; in her music and movie career, in her love life, in her relationships and marriages. He is probably one among few persons who truly understand Madonna and with whom she shares some of her secret with.

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Author: Christopher Ciccone;
Genre/Subject: Biography;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 258;
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