John Lennon - In His Own Write PDF

John Lennon - In His Own Write PDF

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In In His Own Write readers will find out how hilarious and silly John Lennon can be. He was a genius with words, yet he can make those words sound smart and poetic and stuff, but in the other hand, he can make them sound so surreal and even silly. This book contains a collection of his writings. Here John, one of the Beatles former members, shows his other side. He explores the surreal gibberish that who knows whether it has deeper meaning or not.

*Reviews of John Lennon - In His Own Write*
“In His Own Write features the same sort of surreal turns of phrase that insinuated themselves into late-period Beatles classics such as ‘Come Together’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’” —San Francisco Chronicle

“A quirky, funny collection of stories, poems and drawings.” —The New York Times

“Lunatic humor. . . Zany, offbeat, and illustrated by his grotesque and spidery pen. It jolts the reader into gusts of laughter.” —The Guardian

“Fascinating. . . It goes down like pure whimsy and then back-kicks like a sick mule.” —The Sunday Times

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Language: English;
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