Kurt Cobain's Journal PDF

Kurt Cobain's Journal PDF

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Kurt Cobain's Journal is an invaluable collection of letters, journals, and diary entries written by Kurt Cobain. Kurt, along with his band Nirvana, is possibly one of the most influential musicians in the last two decades. His fame and stardom rocketed to the highest as grunge and alternative music found their golden era in the 90's.

As any other genius in music, he had problems too. A lot of problems. Be it with his family, his own existence, and above all problems with drugs.

It's widely known that Kurt Cobain is a "dedicated journal writer." He almost wrote everything in his journals, notebooks, or any media he found. And in those writings, you will find things like "I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend"; or many of his unsent letters to family or fellow musicians, which one of those declares his joy in founding his beloved band Nirvana, "Oh our last and final name is Nirvana".

There some Kurt Cobain's artworks and drawings too in this journal, and surely all of them are dark and troubling. As most (if not all) of his "journal logs" are.

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