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It's no secret that Harry Potter is one of the best quidditch players in Hogwarts' history. However,for readers from outside the wizarding community, the game might be not too familiar and a bit confusing. That's when this book comes in handy.

In the book Quidditch Through the Ages: Comprehensive History of Quidditch Game, an expert of the sport named Kennilworthy Whisp, , gives complete and thorough explanations on every little bit of thing need to know about quidditch, the most famous sport in the wizarding community. This book explores the origin of the game, the history, the changes on the rules, and people who gave big influence in this sport.

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These slim paperbacks are made to look like actual Hogwarts tomes, complete with creased covers and plenty of marginalia scribbled by Harry and other students. Fabulous Beasts, a facsimile of Harry Potter's very own textbook, contains descriptions of 75 magical beasts, written in a wonderfully dry yet droll style by a renowned magizoologist. Quidditch is the facsimile of a Hogwarts library book, which had to be literally pried from the hands of librarian Madam Pince. It gives a comprehensive history of the game and its rules, as well as a rundown of each of the 13 league teams of Britain and Ireland. Harry Potter fans who pride themselves on knowing every minute bit of Hogwarts trivia will devour both books. From Professor Dumbledore's introductions to the price listed on the back cover (14 Sickles 3 Knuts), readers will find a wealth of detailed magical lore and laugh-out-loud humor. Neither book is as gripping as the actual series, of course, but fans who are waiting for the fifth installment will be entertained by these volumes in the meantime.

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