Rolling Stones: Origin of the Species PDF

Rolling Stones: Origin of the Species PDF

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Who doesn't know, or at least never heard, The Rolling Stones? With this band, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Woods, and Charlie Watts has become an integral part of rock n roll itself. More than fifty-year career and their numerous hit numbers they've created clearly show how great this English rock band is. Through the compact yet informative biography entitled The Rolling Stones: Origin of the Species (How, Why, and Where It All Began), author Alan Clayson presents the history of how this great band finally came to life and made history. It tells about how each member finally joined the band and how they played and worked together as a rock band, with all the joy and crisis.

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The early history of the Rolling Stones—long shrouded in myth and confusion as a result of 40 years of the rock and roll lifestyle—is made clear in this concise account. Chronicling the band members from boyhood through the band's first record, cut in 1963, this biography contains rare photographs and never before published interviews with family members as well as every member who played with the band prior to the recognized line-up—including pre-Watts drummers Erky Grant and Mick Avory; Mick Jagger’s cousin, Rick Huxley; early Stones member Dick Taylor; and Phil May, a schoolmate of Jagger and Richards and member of The Pretty Things. Every aspect of the band’s development is explored, from their recording sessions to landing on the music charts, in this myth-shattering musical history.

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