The Drawing of The Three PDF (Dark Tower #2)

The Drawing of The Three PDF (Dark Tower #2)

Download The Drawing of The Three PDF eBook (The Dark Tower #2)

Stephen King has earned himself a spot among the greatest horror novels writers. He has written numerous books and most of them became bestseller. The Dark Tower is one of the most brilliant works by King. It is a suspenseful horror series that mixes various genres including fantasy, horror, and mystery. First published in 1987, The Drawing of The Three is the 2nd novel in the series.

The book expands the deadly quest of Roland Deschain. He is the only descendant left of the gunslingers order who is on a journey to reach a tower (The Dark Tower itself), in which it represent physical and metaphorical state. The Dark Tower is believed have the ability to connect with all universes. During that journey, the world Roland lived in was in a very strange and bad state, breaking into pieces and breaking all physical and common laws.

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After his confrontation with the man in black at the end of The Gunslinger, Roland awakes to find three doors on the beach of Mid-World's Western Sea—each leading to New York City but at three different moments in time. Through these doors, Roland must "draw" three figures crucial to his quest for the Dark Tower. In 1987, he finds Eddie Dean, The Prisoner, a heroin addict. In 1964, he meets Odetta Holmes, the Lady of Shadows, a young African-American heiress who lost her lower legs in a subway accident and gained a second personality that rages within her. And in 1977, he encounters Jack mort, Death, a pusher responsible for cruelties beyond imagining. Has Roland found new companions to form the ka-tet of his quest? Or has he unleashed something else entirely?

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