The Waste Lands PDF (Dark Tower #3)

The Waste Lands PDF (Dark Tower #3)

Download Stephen King - The Waste Lands PDF eBook (The Dark Tower #3)

The Dark Tower is a gripping horror series written by one of the best modern horror writers, Stephen King. The series is a brilliant mix of fantasy, horror, and mystery. First published in 1991, The Waste Lands is the 3rd novel in the series.

Set in a strange western realm, where magic exists, the story in The Dark Tower follows the adventure of Roland Deschain, the only descendant left of the gunslingers order, in his quest to reach a tower (The Dark Tower itself), in which it represent physical and metaphorical state. The Dark Tower is believed have the ability to connect with all universes. During that journey, the world Roland lived in was in a very strange and bad state, breaking into pieces and breaking all physical and common laws.

*Preview of Stephen King's The Waste Lands*
everal months have passed, and Roland’s two new tet-mates have become proficient gunslingers. Eddie Dean has given up heroin, and Odetta’s two selves have joined, becoming the stronger and more balanced personality of Susannah Dean. But while battling The Pusher in 1977 New York, Roland altered ka by saving the life of Jake Chambers, a boy who—in Roland’s where and when—has already died. Now Roland and Jake exist in different worlds, but they are joined by the same madness: the paradox of double memories. Roland, Susannah, and Eddie must draw Jake into Mid-World then follow the Path of the Beam all the way to the Dark Tower. But nothing is easy in Mid-World. Along the way our tet stumbles into the ruined city of Lud, and are caught between the warring gangs of the Pubes and the Grays. The only way out of Lud is to wake Blaine the Mono, an insane train that has a passion for riddling, and for suicidal journeys.

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Author: Stephen King;
Genre/Subject: Horror;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 386;
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