Clare Dowdy - Beyond Logos PDF

Claire Dowdy - Beyond Logos PDF

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A name and a face are important to identity, be it the identity of a person or other things. In the world of business and corporation, it no longer works. Why? Because now, the most important thing and the only identity works for corporation is branding. In the end it also leads to a change in the design world and in her book Beyond Logos: New Definitions of Corporate Identity, former features editor of design industry journal DesignWeek, Clare Dowdy, explores growing significance of branding and how the design industry adjusts with it.

Hyping around 80's and 90's, the corporate identity has undergone a revolution since then and now every corporation is racing to do the most important thing amid such competition, which is branding. This situation, growing globalization and increasing realization among corporations of every scale of distinguishing themselves through branding, most parts in the design industry have "evolved" as well adapted to offer new services and meet the new branding challenges.

With many pictures and illustrations, this book identifies and deconstructs the kind of corporate move that turns a footwear store into a "cathedral". The book tracks the rise of the brand and pinpoints the role played by design companies in creating the experience economy--a world in which corporations do not have identities but brands, visions, big ideas.

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Author: Clare Dowdy;
Genre/Subject: Design and Art;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 28;
File Size: 3.4 MB;

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