God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka PDF

God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka PDF

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Who can deny and resist the presence of manga today? Even major American comic publisher like Marvel does versions of their series in manga. So, how could manga become this influential? Who's responsible for this? Or even, how did manga ever existed? In this book, Natsu Onoda Power tries to explains all by giving a glimpse of manga history with the main subject of Osamu Tezuka, who is regarded the Godfather of modern manga.

In opening God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka, Power takes us back through the history of art in Japan, especially their fine art history. How drawings and paintings evolved in different times, which all finally lead to the birth of Japanese comic art, or known as manga.

Osamu Tezuka himself is the most important figure in Japanese comics after the World War II. His works and creations are celebrated not only in Japan but also in US and other countries, and the most famous and influential is the Astro Boy series. And what makes Osamu Tezuka so great is hes broad interests and amazing intelectual curiosity. He often filled his works with reference from movies (which is his biggest influence), literature, and scientific things. All of those makes the world he created in his manga richer.

Osamu Tezuka's legacy for the manga world, and also comic world, is abundant; not only in artistic field, but also because he introduced different customs and traditions to each other.

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