Scott McCloud - Understanding Comics PDF

Scott McCloud - Understanding Comics PDF

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Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is an informative yet fun guide book by Scott McCloud for those who are in the process of learning to make comics. What makes the work unique is that it is actually lessons on comic book inside comic book. Here McCloud thoroughly and visually presents tips, trick, and other secrets in comic making.

*Review of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art*
This is a rare and exciting work that ingeniously uses comics to examine the medium itself. McCloud (who wrote a comic-book series called Zot! ) conducts a genial, well-researched and funny tour of virtually every historical and perceptual aspect of comics, which he calls "sequential art," that is, art that consists of sequences of words and pictures. Beginning in the 11th century with the Bayeux tapestry, he examines pre-Columbian picture languages and the printing press, presenting a quick survey of the historical development of early sequential pictures into the specialized visual language of comics. But it's McCloud's accessible and quite amusing discussion of realism, abstraction and visual perception that forms the heart of this survey. He dissects the vocabulary of the medium, cheerfully analyzing the psychological power of comics and their central role in our ultra-visual culture. McCloud attempts to place comics within the tradition of serious western art. His black-and-white drawings are a delight, ranging from simplified cartoons to parodies of classic comics and fine art, all the while manifesting every theory and comics trend discussed.

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Author: Scott McCloud;
Genre/Subject: Design and Art;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 222;
File Size: 52.5 MB;

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