Story Behind Protest Song PDF

Story Behind Protest Song PDF

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Hardeep Phull makes an eye-opening analysis of how protest songs were born in his brilliant book Story Behind Protest Song. The book presents 50 of the most influential musical protests and statements recorded to date. From those songs, Phull provides pop-culture viewpoints on some of the most tumultuous times in modern history.

*Reviews of Story Behind Protest Song*
"British music journalist Hardeep Phull has created a very readable volume that is part music history and part social history... Phull writes in an engaging style that logically relates world events (particularly U.S. events) to the contemporary popular music that comments on these events, and he discusses how each work came to be written and performed... Well-researched and enjoyable to read, I recommend this book for all libraries."–Reference & User Services Quarterly

"An invaluable resource, this intimately researched series of pop culture essays makes for explosive reading."–

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Language: English;
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