Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window PDF

Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window PDF

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First published in 1981, Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window is a heart-warming and inspiring book by famous Japanese actress and writer Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. This autobiographical book pictures Kuroyanagi's childhood and the great education system she experienced in her elementary school, Tomoe Gakuen. The story is so beautiful and the description of the education system is so inspiring that this book will be a wonderful read for children, teachers and education practitioners.

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This engaging series of childgood recollections tells about an ideal school in Tokyo during World War II that combined learning with fun, freedom, and love. This unusaul school had old railroad cars for classrooms, and it was run by an extraordinary man--its founder and headmaster, Sosaku Kobayashi--who was a firm believer in freedom of expression and activity.

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Author: Tetsuko Kuroyanagi;
Genre/Subject: Biography; Children's Book;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 107;
File Size: 0.6 MB;

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