Understanding Manga and Anime PDF

Understanding Manga and Anime PDF

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Understanding Manga and Anime is an enlightening book about Japanese manga (comic) and anime (animation) written Robin E. Brenner. This brilliant book offers a bridge for better understanding to overcome the cultural differences in terms of content, visual style, and age ratings. With many details and abundant resources it offers, the book might serve as a basic guide to anime and manga, especially in how should librarian put such works in the shelves.

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“Brenner has written a guide geared to librarians and others new to the manga and anime formats in order to foster understanding and appreciation. She also successfully gives the reader an understanding of the traditions of manga, and explains cultural differences between Japanese and American readers, clarifying our prejudices and misconceptions. Chapters cover various aspects from the history of manga and anime to the "vocabulary," which includes visual cues and character design... In addition to the novice manga and anime reader, this readable title will be extremely useful to any librarian interested in developing a collection for patrons...”–Library Media Connection

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Author: Robin E. Brenner;
Genre/Subject: Design and Art; Culture;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 357;
File Size: 6 MB;

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