Garth Nix - Lirael PDF Download (The Old Kingdom #2)

Garth Nix - Lirael PDF

Garth Nix - The Old Kingdom #2: Lirael PDF Download eBook

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Lirael is an amazing novel written by one of the most famous modern fantasy authors, Garth Nix. The book is the 2nd installment in the brilliant series The Old Kingdom (or often referred to as Abhorsen Trilogy). In this volume, Sabriel is already married to Touchstone and they are both King and Queen of the Old Kingdom. They have a daughter, Ellimere, and a son, Sameth, who both attend school in the neighboring country, Ancelstierre, just like Sabriel.

Lirale is the cast-away member of the Clayr, an all women group who are all beautiful and have the power of the Sight, an ability to see a glimpse of the future. The reason why Lariel being expelled from the group is because she doesn't have the Sight. Amid all the depression of that fact, she discover something at the Clayr's Library that will lead her to a very important adventure.

Beyond the wall, in Ancelestierre, Sameth the prince meets a necromancer named Hedge who inures him physically as well as spiritually. Touchstone wants to take Sameth back home to Old Kingdom, where he is expected to continue his education and learns to be the Abhorsen from his mother, Lariel. But the attack incident in Ancelestierre has plant a deep fear and trauma on Sameth.

The plan doesn't go well when a friend of Sameth, Nick, "trespasses" the border of Old Kingdom and heads to the Lightning Trap region, a place beyond the Royal authority and the Sight of the Clayr. Sameth flee from the palace and his family to search his friend, Nick. around that time, Lirael discovers her inheritance, the artifacts of Remembrancer (one who looks into the past), and is soon dispatched to accomplish a vision the Clayr have on her, she's in a boat with Nick on the Red Lake.

In the Journey, Lirael decides to go to Abhorsen's House to rest and generally regroup and there goes a strange set of revelations that makes Lirael realizes, with the help of memories she has Remembered, that she must be half-Abhorsen.

The Old Kingdom #2: Lirael PDF eBook Details

Author: Garth Nix;
Genre/Subject: Fantasy;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 247;
(Page count might be different due to scanning or formatting)
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