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Q & A (possibly a lot more famous as Slumdog Millionaire) is an inspiring novel written by Vikas Swarup is. This magnificent contemporary novel portrays the slum life that exist around the big modern cities in modern India. Here Swarup portrays the situation in that kind of area in India, with all the social, economical, political, and religious issues.

The narrator in the Q & A novel, also the main protagonist, is Ram Mohammad Thomas and since the day he was born in a hospital runs by Catholic nuns, he already has a life that is full of questions that needed answers. His course of life leads him to the legendary quiz, which in the novel is entitled Who Will Win a Billion? (or W3B), an adaptation of the real Who Wants to be a Millionaire. And the plot is more or less the same, that the questions of the quiz reveals the personal journey of Ram Mohammad Thomas and also explores the situation of Indian society. The cultures, the social and economical issues, the poverty, the conflicts, and many more.

Though here in there the novel shows some hilarious story that will surely put some laughs, or at least smile, on the readers' faces, the irony of the situation is still apparent. Vikas Swarup presents all of those in a amazing way that it is guaranteed will touch every readers, even though they are not familiar with India.

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