George Orwell - 1984 PDF

George Orwell - 1984 PDF

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In his mind-blowing classic novel, 1984, George Orwell portrays the terrifying threat of totalitarian authority. This amazing science-fiction book presents the possibility of it and its threats toward the live of a society. In the totalitarian society in 1984, there's no truth except what the "Big Brother" said. The term freedom only has one meaning, which is total surrender to the Party, and love is a concept so unfamiliar, except off course the love for the Party.

Winston Smith is the main protagonist of the novel, and Orwell used this character's perspective to elaborate the plot of the story. Winston Smith is a functionary of the Ministry of Truth and it is his job to "correct" the records when the "Big Brother" makes a decision that the truth has changed. "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past", that's the Party jargon and they never cease to maintain it by "appropriating" history according to the needs of the Party.

Scary, off course, yet Winston Smith's view show that those things are considered as normal. Including the omnipresence of the "Big Brother", who are watching you all the time, so even ideas against the Party will be caught on radar then it will be the job of the "Thought Police" to punish them with the ideas. Readers will surely feel the gloom of the situation which is inevitable, all over the book.

Slowly, the realization that this situation is wrong comes to Winston Smith and he feels something has to be done to make it right. To bring change. It leads him to a subversive attempt, and maybe readers will be unwilling to witness what his attempt brings.

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