HC Andersen - Short Stories PDF

HC Andersen - Short Stories PDF

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Hans Christian Andersen was probably the biggest Danish, or even world, author of fairy tales, poets, and short stories for children. Before modern literature invented its own fairy tales and children stories, Andersen's (and also the Grimms') works were among the few classic kid fantasy stories that went universal. His magnificent short stories have been translated and adapted into more than a hundred languages. His wonderful fairy stories reached their audience not only through printed books, since they also influenced plays, ballets, and motion pictures.

H.C. Andersen left so, so many amazing masterpieces and this short stories collection only represents a small number from his total works.
1. The Emperor's New Clothes
2. The Garden of Paradise
3. The Mermaid
4. The Nightingale
5. The Snow Queen
6. The Wind

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