Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha PDF

Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha PDF

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First published in 1922, Siddhartha is an inspiring novel written by Swiss author Hermann Hesse. The classic book was originally published in German, with simple, lyrical style. With its rich views on religion and spirituality, the book had a huge impact in during the 1960s and has become an important reference to many literature and popular works.

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In the novel, Siddhartha, a young man, leaves his family for a contemplative life, then, restless, discards it for one of the flesh. He conceives a son, but bored and sickened by lust and greed, moves on again. Near despair, Siddhartha comes to a river where he hears a unique sound. This sound signals the true beginning of his life—the beginning of suffering, rejection, peace, and, finally, wisdom.

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