Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting PDF

Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting PDF

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Trainspotting is a staggering debut novel of the Scottish author, Irvine Welsh. In this mind-blowing contemporary book, Welsh doesn't try to hide that he's Scottish. He uses many distinct slang and references toward Scottish culture and/or sub-culture. In this book Welsh tries to present the "ghetto side" of Scotland and all its social issues, like troubled youth, life as junkies, working class, nihilism, and Scotishness. Mark Renton brings readers to explore the darkness and roughness of life with seemingly no future and chances, as a nihilistic working class junkie youth. All things seem dark and the only light comes from the witty and sharp humor and satire put down cleverly by Irvine Welsh.

There are seven parts in the Trainspotting and in the chapters of each part it is evident that originally this novel is short fiction stories which are then bundled as a single novel. Each chapter and part flow independently and the red-line (if we can call it a red-line) is created by the novel main character, Mark Renton. Although Mark Renton is the main protagonist, there are some other characters who play the role as narrators sometimes, and each of them has their own style.

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Author: Irvine Welsh;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary;
Language: English;
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