Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PDF

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PDF

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First published in 1964, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a wonderful children's novel written by British author Roald Dahl. The inspiration of the story came from Dahl's experience during his schooldays, where chocolate companies sent sample packages to children so they could give their opinions on the products. The book is very successful especially among kid readers and it has been adapted into various media.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the life of Willy Wonka, who is the owner of the most famous and successful chocolate factory in the world. He runs a competition by giving five Golden Ticket and the lucky ones will get the chance to explore his magical chocolate factory.

Charlie Bucket gets the last ticket, in a very fortunate way. Charlie is poor boy who lives in a small, beat-up house with his parents and his four grandparents. Since both Charlie's parents are unable to accompany him to the factory, the opportunity to explore the factory with the kid winner then falls to Charlie’s oldest and most beloved Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe jumps from the bed for the first time in decades and Charlie’s luck makes him energetic and almost childlike. So, go the two of them in an adventure in the Willy Wonka factory tour. A tour that reveals the true person and character of that chocolate and candy king.

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