T Jefferson Parker - Storm Runners PDF

T Jefferson Parker - Storm Runners PDF

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T. Jefferson Parker is considered as a member among "the first rank of American crime novelists" (as stated by Washington Post Book World) and praised for "some of the finest writing you'll ever read" (by Chicago Sun-Times). His works are excellently built, involving complicated emotional, and full of breath-taking action. Storm Runners is no difference and it shows the reason why Parker's crime-thriller novels are irresistible.

Losing her love ones, his wife and son, in an explosion has left Matt Stromsoe deep scars, in body and spirit. Those are the kind of scars that heal and this makes Stromsoe give up the only thing meant for him that's still left, his job as a police force. He does that so he can move on to the next step, which is to hit rock bottom, hard.

It has long way passed and finally the free-fall into destruction and despair apparently is coming to its end. The murderer of his family, who turned out to be his childhood best friend and his wife ex, is already in jail. Matt Stromsoe tried to let go of the past for sure and he gets aid from a former colleague who gives him a job in private security business. His first assignment is being an escort for a local television personality, Frankie Hatfield, who lately have been stalked. Sight unseen, along with the proceeding of his job as bodyguard, he gets some clues that the complications of matters at hand is so twisted wide and ultimately leads back to the man who killed his family. Things go against him and he soon learn that prison is no safeguard against revenge.

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Author: T. Jefferson Parker;
Genre/Subject: Thriller and Suspense;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 385;
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