Alex Ross - Mythology PDF

Alex Ross - Mythology PDF

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Alex Ross is one the best comic artists of his generation. He takes comic arts to completely another level with his photo-realistic style, which brings superheroes to life. The designs he created perfectly captures the awesomeness of comic fantasy. Either working for DC or Marvel, Ross maintains his own art art style, that in effect, it injects some kind of refreshing vigor into the comic series he works on.

Alex Ross is a total comic artist. He gives thorough attention, love, and passions in his works. How he dramatizes the moment in each composition, how he presents each character in its best look for every event, how he uses real models to capture the image perfectly, and how he carefully arrange everything from the shading and lighting to the brush of his coloring.

Mythology is an amazing collection of Alex Ross's magnificent sketches and also some of his finished artworks. This book also provide invaluable insight into his working methods, the creative processes he takes to bring the magic into his illustrations. This is absolutely a valuable book for comic lovers and they who in work or study deals with creating, designing, and editing images or illustrations.

Superman illustrations

Design of Superman character

The Joker B/W illstration

Superman in agony

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(The page count for Mythology PDF eBook might be different from the retail edition due to scanning or formatting.)
Artist: Alex Ross;
Genre/Subject: Sketchbook;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 318;
File Size: 34.8 MB;

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