Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha PDF

Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha PDF

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First published in 1997, Memoirs of a Geisha is a fascinating romantic novel by Arthur Golden about a Japanese geisha working in Kyoto. The book is set around World War II Japan. Here, readers follow Sayuri in exploring her world as a renowned geisha, who is worshiped by men and at the same time enslaved.

The novel starts with Sayuri’s childhood in a poor fishing village. When she is nine, a “talent scout” who sees and is amazed by her eyes buys her to be taken to Gion, a red-light district in Kyoto, Japan. As she grows up there and has to work to make the sum of money paid to buy her, Sayuri also has to learn the geisha skills. She learns music, dance, make up, kimono, and how to take care for the fragile coiffure. In short, readers will follow her transformation into a renowned geisha. In that later part of Sayuri’s life, she also faces a jealous rivalry with her magnanimous mentor.

Arthur Golden has successfully portrays the situation of Japanese society at the time and at the same time, presents a wonderful pictures of the life journey of Sayuri as a geisha into a unique, romantic, thrilling, and sometimes erotic novel.

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Author: Arthur Golden;
Genre/Subject: Romance;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 290;
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