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Oliver Twist, also known as The Parish Boy's Progress, is a classic novel by English author Charles Dickens, first published in 1838. This magnificent book presents an unromantic portrayal of criminals and their sordid lives during The Great London Waif Crisis. It exposed the harsh lives of many waif-child in London in Dickens era. The book has influenced many works and has been the subject of various film and television adaptations, musical and theatrical plays, and and other artistic works.

The main protagonist in the story is a boy named Oliver Twist. He becomes an orphan after his sick mother dies just after gave birth to him. Oliver is raised in a workhouse under the care of Mrs. Mann and Mr. Bumble. After a series of unfortunate events and unfair decisions against him and several harsh punishment, Oliver runs away to London. In the street he meets Jack Dawkins or the Artful Dodger who then picks Oliver to join his band, the Jew Fagin’s gang of boys.

Fagin is the leader and trainer of the boys to become pickpockets. Being trapped as the band member has lead Oliver to meet the old and kind gentleman, Mr. Brownlow, who rescues him from being arrested. Mr Brownlow, too, brings and takes care of Oliver in his house. In that house Oliver meets Mrs. Bedwin the house keeper who nurses him back to life after he had fallen sick. After undergoing so much misery and misfortune in London "underground life," Oliver finally feels happy for the first time.

However, Oliver happiness is not safe yet from Fagin's wickedness. Fagin, who knows where and with whom Oliver is, tries to get him back and make use of Oliver's current condition for his own good. Oliver Twist is being dragged from his joyful life to once again live the dark life in trickery and malice.

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