Discover Manga Drawing PDF

Discover Manga Drawing PDF

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Even Marvel Comics make their own “manga editions”! That’s how massive the influence of this Japanese comic style is in worldwide comic industry. No wonder now there are so many who want to read or learn to draw manga. For those who have the interest in learning how to create awesome manga, Mario Galea’s thorough and clear tutorial Discover Manga Drawing might be a great source and guidebook to learn the tips and tricks regarding the techniques need to be mastered to be an excellent manga artist (a mangaka).

Beginners will discover everything they need to know about designing and drawing people in the popular manga style with this easy-to-follow guide. There are fantastic 'poses' that manga characters have, and this book teaches the reader how to achieve these looks through simple step-by-step instructions. The author sets up basic core shapes that the reader can copy to form the basis of facial features, body structure, clothing, props and more. This valuable, attractive book is the beginners passport to the colorful world of manga!

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Author: Mario Galea;
Genre/Subject: Self Learning/Tutorial;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 98;
File Size: 14.4 MB;

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