Mike Mignola - The Art of Hellboy PDF

Mike Mignola - The Art of Hellboy PDF

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Mike Mignola is one of the best comic artists out there and his Hellboy series have become a major success in comics and also movies. As a comic artist, Mignola have a very unique and distinct style in his artworks, though there are some influences of the earlier artist seen in his artworks. Mignola's style is one of a kind, we can say that his works may be won't be referred as pretty, but they are definitely show character, raw and cold and yet beautiful; and that style suites perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of his Hellboy series.

The Art of Hellboy is a superb collection of Mike Mignola's fantastic works (covers and panels), some of his published or unpublished sketches and illustrations. Though his published works have more portion than his sketches, this book remains a really good collection of comic arts. Readers don't have to go through many issues of Hellboy comics and they can instantly see the bests from Mignola. This book even will prove to be useful for non comic lovers. They who work with or study design or any other field involving creating images and pictures might learn some of the awesome "Mignola style."

Hellboy in action

One of Mignola's sketches

Rampaging Hellboy, in sketches and after

Illustration of Hellboy and enemies

PDF eBook Details

(The page count for The Art of Hellboy PDF eBook might be different from the retail edition due to scanning or formatting.)
Artist: Mike Mignola;
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics;
Genre/Subject: Sketchbook;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 202;
File Size: 27.9 MB;

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