Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs PDF

Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs PDF

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Steve Jobs has become one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, especially in the world of computer industry. His innovative ideas and works made Apple grow into a giant company and an important entity in technology. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is an enlightening biography of the Apple co-founder. First published in 2011, the book provides valuable insight of Steve Jobs's life and career as he climbed the ladder of success.

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From bestselling author Walter Isaacson comes the landmark biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography, Isaacson provides an extraordinary account of Jobs' professional and personal life. Drawn from three years of exclusive and unprecedented interviews Isaacson has conducted with Jobs as well as extensive interviews with Jobs' family members, key colleagues from Apple and its competitors, Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is the definitive portrait of the greatest innovator of his generation.

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Author: Walter Isaacson;
Genre/Subject: Biography;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 343;
File Size: 9.5 MB;

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