Windows 7 Secrets PDF

Windows 7 Secrets PDF

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Windows 7 Secrets is a complete tutorial book that might help you find out the hidden potentials and possibilities in one of Microsoft's most popular operating system. Knowing those potentials will greatly improve your works on your computers with that OS, by unleashing the true benefits of those potentials. Reveal the how-to and secret tricks and find the valuable practical tips in this comprehensive guide, complete with pictures and figures to make learning easier.

In "Windows 7 Secrets: Do What You Never Thought Possible with Microsoft Windows 7!" these two prominent figures in the field, Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera, show the hidden functionality in Microsoft's latest operating system: the new features and functionality to how to modify the system to suit your work. The optimization tips and tricks by the authors of this guide book will help you develop the skills you need to quickly go from a common user to an expert.

Windows 7 Secrets will start from the vary basic (installation guide), to chosing the correct hardwares and softwares (programs) to safeguard system for your data. Here's the sequence of the contents:
- Installing or upgrading
- Hardware and software compatibility
- Personalizing and configuring
- Windows 7 security
- Organizing, fixing, and sharing digital photos
- Zune® as a digital media alternative
- Using tablet PCs and ultra-mobile PCs
- Managing e-mail and your schedule
- Keeping your data safe

PDF eBook Details

(The page count for Windows 7 Secrets PDF eBook might be different from the retail edition due to scanning or formatting.)
Author: Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera;
Genre/Subject: Self Learning/Tutorial;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 1083;
File Size: 28.3 MB;

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