HG Wells - The War of the Worlds PDF

HG Wells - The War of the Worlds PDF

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Herbert George Wells wrote one of the earliest stories that explore the (image of possible) conflict between the humans of the planet earth and aliens from other planet. His brilliant novel The War of the Worlds is now an important classic work in the science fiction genre. Adaptations of this book have been made in other media, such as in film and comic.

This novel consists of two parts, Book One: The Coming of the Martians and Book Two: The Earth under the Martians. It all starts with a sequence of unworldly flashes in the distant night sky, but the Martian attack initially causes little concern on Earth. Then, the nightmare begins. The destruction erupts—ten massive aliens roam England and destroy with heat rays everything in their path. Very soon humankind finds itself on the brink of extinction. H. G. Wells raises questions of mortality, man’s place in nature, and the evil lurking in the technological future—questions that remain urgently relevant in the twenty-first century.

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