Ramones: An American Band PDF

Ramones: An American Band PDF

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Ramones: An American Band is an eye-opening biography of Ramones, one of the most important American punk bands. The book is written by Jeff Bessman, a music journalist and also a friend of the members of that band. Having close relationship with his subject, Bessman had greater access to look into more details about the history, existence, and experience of a band that has influenced the flow of not only punk but also the whole music history and industry.

This book explores the existence from their very early days as a trio with its original member: Dee Dee, Johnny, and Joey; then along the way, some members came to join and left the band, including Tommy, Marky, Richie, Elvis, C.J. This particular journal of the "Grateful Dead of punk rock" captures events in a good pace and digs deep into every side of this band and its individual members. From personality disorder, drug use and addiction, to their love and passion to music and punk rock. It even goes into some of the band’s lyrics to get the story behind them or the impact they bring.

This authorized Ramones biography also comes with photographs, illustrations, and some other historical, priceless memorabilia such as flyers or show tickets. This kind of “visual aid” becomes a great added value to this and helps readers in visualizing the goings-on during the heyday of the greatest American punk band.

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