Sidney Sheldon - Are You Afraid of the Dark PDF

Sidney Sheldon - Are You Afraid of the Dark PDF

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a crime novel written by one of the most famous the thriller/mystery authors, Sidney Sheldon, first published in 2004. A frightening mystery is happening around the world, people are being reported dead or missing. At first these incidents seems random and just like ordinary misfortunes that can happen to any person. However, there is something else going on.

There is a woman vanishes from the city streets in Berlin, while in Paris, a man jumps off the Eiffel Tower. In the other continent, there is a plane crashes into the mountains in Denver, while in Manhattan, a body washes ashore along the East River. Though those incidents seem unrelated at first, police investigation soon discover that all four of the victims are connected to Kingsley International Group (KIG), the largest think tank in the world.

Two of the victims leave two young widows namely Kelly Harris and Diane Stevens, who then come across each other in New York. Both women have been asked to meet with Tanner Kingsley, the head of KIG. As the company representative, Tanner assures them that serious investigation with all available resources is conducted in order to find out who is responsible for the mysterious deaths of their husbands. However, things are getting even worse for both widows, there is someone intends on murdering both women. Those two women suffer a traumatic series of near escapes. Who is after them and trying to kill them? Why?

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Author: Sidney Sheldon;
Genre/Subject: Thriller;
Language: English;
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  1. The last Sydney Sheldon I read was almost 6 years ago. Seemed that I had exhausted all he had to offer, and with no new titles coming up, I moved on to other authors.

    Tilly has done justice to Sheldon's story, to a certain extent. As written below, by many other readers, that there is not much of a suspense left after a few chapters, and you can kind of guess who the culprits are, but it still intrigues you, as to why they are doing so, and how will they be caught, or if the crimes will ever be proved or not.

    My heart goes out to the character - Matt Daley, who (in my opinion) gets the worst deal of the lot, while the Angel soars high. It is a bit irritating though, the way every male character seems to be smitten by the Angel and her good looks and naiveness, even when the truth is evident.

    The end is quite predictable, except off course the last page. That leaves you wondering for a while. Has justice truly been served ????? Is the victim, REALLY a victim or a harbinger of Death ?? and so on.

    It’s not a bad bargain though, considering I could hardly keep it away when I reached the last chapters. It is not a great work of literature(like Doyle or Dickens, if you are expecting so), but a typical Sydney novel, some satisfy you, some leave you in doubt, and some leave you wanting more .

    All in all, at the Flipkart prices, it is a fair bargain, and yeah I wouldn’t buy it if the prices were to be any higher. I'd recommend it for train journey. :)

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