John Irving - A Son of the Circus PDF

John Irving - A Son of the Circus PDF

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A Son of the Circus is the eight novel of John Irving. It was first published in 1994. This rather ambitious contemporary book to some becomes a New York Times Bestseller. Like in some of his other works, Irving presents a group of misfits; unique—or even queer—personalities who do not feel fit anywhere in this world.

The story is set in Bombay (Mumbai), India, where all bizarre characters collide with each other in the twisty plots. There is a Bombay-born doctor that is also a secret screenwriter, a Jesuit missionary from America, twins who have been separated at birth which one is an actor who is synonymous with the role he plays in the movie and his brother who wishes to be a priest but in doubt of his vocation, there is a dwarf chauffeur, a blond hippie, and a serial killer.

The plot is built around the murders of some prostitutes by a serial killer, who happens to be a transsexual and always make a carving of a winking elephant on the bodies of the victims. The legacies from the past bring the main characters to the hunt for the murderer. There are various issues being integrated in the story, from sexual identity, existence of organized religion, class distinctions, and even the philosophical chasm between appearance and reality.

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