John Irving - The Fourth Hand PDF

John Irving - The Fourth Hand PDF

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In his tenth published novel, John Irving still preserves his unique touch of the bizarre. The Fourth Hand is a contemporary book of dramatic story filled with humor, sexual shenanigans and bewildering poignancy.

While reporting a story of a trapeze artist who fell to his death in India, handsome New York television anchorman Patrick Wallingford has his left hand chewed by a lion. That accident is witnessed by millions of TV viewers. Five years later, in Boston, a well-known hand surgeon awaits the opportunity to perform the nation's first hand transplant. However, there is a strange condition attached with the hand. It was once Otto Clausen’s, and as stated in his will—instigated by the wife Doris, it will be donated to Wallingford and there will be visiting rights for Doris. From that visit, the affair between the two started—they have sex on the first meeting. Doris is having her own agenda hidden from the anchorman that she wants to get pregnant direly.

John Irving is not striving for a grand statement in this novel, but the pieces he put together are of the excellent quality of American gothic comedy. Appetizingly lighter compared to other Irving's works, and imbued with crispness, this fast-paced novel might delight Irving's fans and garner new ones.

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