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John Irving - The Hotel New Hampshire PDF

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The Hotel New Hampshire is a contemporary novel written by John Irving. First published in 1981, it happened to be Irving’s coming of age book. This spellbinding and startling family saga brilliantly mixes humor, emotion, outrage, dogmatism, and injustice. In 1984, a film adaptation based on this novel was made and one of the casts was the famous award-winning actress, Jodie Foster.

The story in this book tells about the life the Berrys. They are an eccentric New Hampshire family of Win and Mary Berry, and their five children. Both parents are from New Hampshire and they both work at a hotel in Maine during their teenage, where they fall in love. The Berry kids are Franny (overconfident), John (naïve and charmed by Franny), Frank (reserved and homosexual), Lily (romantic), and Egg (immature with strange fondness to dress in costumes).

Win envisions the idea of turning a deserted school into a hotel and he names it the Hotel New Hampshire. The Berry family moves in there. During their time living at the hotel, Franny is raped by several football players of the school, including the boy she is in love. Though it is late, Junior Jones comes to rescue her. There’s also John's sexual initiation with the hotel housekeeper Ronda Ray.

Freud, an old companion of Win and Mary Berry, sends a letter to invite the family to move to Vienna to help him run his hotel there. The family travel there separately and the mother and Egg are killed in an airplane crash. The rest of the family tries to move on with their lives in Vienna at what is renamed the Hotel New Hampshire. The hotel is occupied by prostitutes and a group of radical communists. In this new place, every member of the family monumental and decisive stages of life, which are moving, hilarious, provocative, and evocative.

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