Sidney Sheldon - The Stars Shine Down PDF

Sidney Sheldon - The Stars Shine Down PDF

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The Stars Shine Down is a suspenseful thriller, mixed with a bit of romance, written by the famous Sidney Sheldon. It follows the life of a gorgeous female billionaire, Lara Cameron. She builds her empire of fortune by being successful, real estate developer. Despite her dark and sad background—her mom died in childbirth and her own father rejected her—she finally learns how to make her own way in the world, right to the top. She makes her first deal after her father’s death, where she exchanges her body for her first building. From there, she makes her next move to build her real estate empire in Chicago. She has faced and fought in a harsh viciousness to accomplish her dream.

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Imagine Donald Trump as a drop-dead gorgeous woman and you'll have an approximate image of Lara Cameron, the heroine of Sheldon's latest--barely tepid--potboiler. A super-successful real estate developer, Lara has made millions of dollars--and a few enemies--in her ascent from a childhood of deprivation to the upper echelons of the business world. When she falls in love with a renowned concert pianist, she sets about "winning" him as she would a prime piece of waterfront property. But her ties to a lawyer with Mafia connections and her shady way of doing business threaten her happiness and eventually her income and reputation.

In settings that vary from Canada to Chicago and New York, bestselling novelist Sheldon (The Other Side of Midnight, Rage of Angels) brings real zest to the high-stakes poker game that provides the novel's backdrop. But his pancake-flat characters are as insubstantial as the paper fortunes that drive the real estate business.

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Author: Sidney Sheldon;
Genre/Subject: Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 500;
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