Sidney Sheldon - Windmills of the Gods PDF

Sidney Sheldon - Windmills of the Gods PDF

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Windmills of the Gods is a crime-thriller novel released in 1987 and is written by one of American best thriller writers Sidney Sheldon. Like some others Sheldon books, this one also adapted into a TV miniseries in 1988.

The story tells about the life of Mary Ashley, a professor of Kansas State University, who is chosen by the president of the USA to be ambassador in Romania, behind the Iron Curtain. However, since her husband Dr. Edward Ashley does not want to abandon his medical practice and leave his patient while it is impossible for her to be separated from him and because Mary considers that getting an ambassador is easier than finding a good doctor in Kansas, that beautiful and proficient scholar rejects the president’s offer. However, after her husband suspicious death in a traffic accident, Mary finds a void in her life and finally accepts the offer to be a US ambassador. She is sent to Romania, where she finds herself dragged in the East-West conflict and there is a conspiracy against her. Amid all of those perilous dangers, she holds a role that might change the world events, if only she survives the terror and the assassin who marks her.

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The latest novel by the veteran author is a fast-paced thriller. Upon taking office, idealistic President Paul Ellison inaugurates the "people-to-people" program, intended to establish America's ties with Iron Curtain countries. Instead of naming an experienced diplomat as ambassador to Romania, Ellison selects wholesome Mary Ashley, instructor of Eastern European political science at Kansas State University.

Mary initially declines the post, but after her husband dies in a suspicious car crash, she warily accepts Ellison's offer in an attempt to quell her overwhelming grief. Unwittingly, Mary has placed herself in peril, for a sinister covert organization of right- and left-wing tycoons and politicians called Patriots for Freedom intends to abort Ellison's project by lethal means. To kill Mary in Romania, these code-named extremiststheir identities aren't divulged until the novel concludeshire Angel, a terrorist infamous for for barbarity, skill, and dedication.

Sheldon's characterizations are slick but involving, and the action escalates to an electrifying final scene. Adding depth are descriptions of harsh Romanian life, the agony of widowhood and the foreign service initiation process.

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