Terry Pratchett - Small Gods PDF (Discworld #13)

Terry Pratchett - Small Gods PDF

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First published in 1992, Small Gods is the thirteenth novel in Discworld fantasy series by British famous writer, Terry Pratchett. In this book, Pratchett once again dwells on a subject that seems to be one of his favorites, religion. The story explores the history of the god Om and the relations between the god and his prophet Brutha. In that exploration, the story becomes a witty satire on the actual religious existences, such as the institutions, the people, the practices, and the role of religion in political life.

Some famous adaptations of Small Gods have been made in various forms. One was a serial made by BBC Radio in 2006. A stage play adaptation has also been made and performed in 2011, of which profits were donated to The Orangutan Foundation.

*Review of Terry Pratchett's Small Gods*
Discworld is an extragavanza--among much else, it has billions of gods. "They swarm as thick as herring roe," writes Terry Pratchett in Small Gods, the 13th book in the series. Where there are gods galore, there are priests, high and low, and ... there are novices. Brutha is a novice with little chance to become a priest--thinking does not come easily to him, although believing does. But it is to Brutha that the great god Om manifests, in the lowly form of a tortoise. —Blaise Selby

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