Suketu Mehta - Maximum City PDF

Suketu Mehta - Maximum City PDF

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Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found is Suketu Mehta’s masterpiece that was first published in 2004. This narrative non-fiction book explores one of most “complicated” city in India, Mumbai (or also known as Bombay). This book achieved a very positive critical responses and it became one of the finalists for the most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize in 2005.

This book is a combination of various elements like memoir, travel writing, and also analysis on the social-political side of the city of Mumbai and the people who live there.

In his own writing, Mehta sets himself as a partially outsider to the city and at the same time as a person who was born and had his childhood there, when the city was still known as Bombay. Returning to his birth city after 21 years, as an adult, he has to deal with frustration in living his days in that very same city, of which population has grown to 18 million and has been plagued with pollution.

In Maximum City, Mehta bluntly details the slums, the political crisis (the party divisions that go along the Hindu versus Muslim conflict), the underworld criminals, and how the Bombay bombing in 1993 has affected the city. In his adventure, he meets many people with various backgrounds, from gang members to criminals to important political figures. From his encounters with those people, he is able to compile a larger, more detail view of a city that apparently to vast to have boundaries.

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