Larry Sloman - On the Road with Bob Dylan PDF

Larry Sloman - On the Road with Bob Dylan PDF

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As a musician, Bob Dylan’s career has been pretty much on-again-off-again, with momentary hiatuses here and there. In October 1975, he just came out of his eight-year quiet time and rolled in a traveling caravan in tour famously known as the Rolling Thunder Revue, which ended in May 1976. Larry Sloman has successfully captured that tour in detail and intimately presented all the going ons in the book On the Road with Bob Dylan.

Just like what Dylan fancied, the tour was more of a psychedelic carnival with outstanding line-up including Joan Baez, Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, Allen Ginsberg, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, and numerous prominent backing musicians. In this book, Sloman brilliantly presents the many nights of musical festivities and prowess. The behind-the-scene stories capture the wild activities as well as heated jam sessions among the musicians in the most impressive rock circuses.

With the care and mastery of presenting it to the level of clarity as a diary, this book will be very valuable for all Dylan and psychedelic fans, or music lovers in general for that matter. As Bob Dylan himself said, this book is “The War and Peace of Rock and Roll.”

*Reviews of Larry Sloman's On the Road with Bob Dylan*
“An invaluable insider’s look at a legendary tour.”—Michael Musto,the Village Voice

“An all-access pass to hang with the greatest singer-songwriter of our time. On the Road with Bob Dylan remains a true gonzo rock journalism classic and a revealing study of music’s greatest genius/enigma.”—David Wild, contributing editor to Rolling Stone and host of Bravo’s Musicians

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