Terry Pratchett - The Last Hero PDF (Discworld #27)

Terry Pratchett - The Last Hero PDF

Terry Pratchett - The Last Hero PDF Download eBook (Discworld #27)

For the 27th volume of his wonderful Discworld fantasy series, English famous author Terry Pratchett came with a short novel The Last Hero. Because of its length, which is only 40.000 words, it is referred as “Discworld Fable.” Originally published in 2001, despite having compact story, this volume has bigger format then the other volumes since every page of this book shows gorgeous illustrations by Paul Kidby.

*Preview of Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero*
... A mission to save all Discworld from a new threat. An old threat, actually. Aged warrior Cohen the Barbarian has decided to go out with a bang and take the gods with him. So, with the remnants of his geriatric Silver Horde, he's climbing to the divine retirement home Dunmanifestin with the Discworld equivalent of a nuke—a 50-pound keg of Agatean Thunder Clay. This will, for excellent magical reasons, destroy the world.

It's up to Leonard of Quirm, Discworld's da Vinci, to invent the technology that might just beat Cohen to his goal. His unlikely vessel is powered by dragons, crewed by himself and two popular regular characters, and secretly harbours a stowaway. Before long we hear the Discworld version of "Houston, we have a problem..."

Kidby rises splendidly to the challenge of painting both funny faces and cosmic vistas. As Pratchett puts it, The Last Hero "has an extra dimension: some parts of it are written in paint!"

Pratchett's story alone is strong and effective, with several hair-raising frissons contrasting with high comedy; Kidby's paintings make it something very special. Don't miss this one. --David Langford

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