Making Money PDF Download (Discworld #36)

Making Money PDF Download

Terry Pratchett - Making Money PDF Download eBook (Discworld #36)

With his view that money is a “real world” fantasy as "we've agreed that these numbers of conceptual things like dollars have a value," Terry Pratchett wrote the 36th novel in his Discworld fantasy series, Making Money. With spin-offs on the concept of money, gold standard, privatization, and computer simulation, the book features Moist von Lipwig.

Who would not to wish to be the man in charge of Ankh-Morpork's Royal Mint and the bank next door? It's a job for life. But, as former con-man Moist von Lipwig is learning, the life is not necessarily for long...There's something nameless in the cellar (and the cellar itself is pretty nameless), it turns out that the Royal Mint runs at a loss...Everywhere he looks he's making enemies...What he should be doing is...Making Money!

Discworld #36: Making Money PDF eBook Details

Author: Terry Pratchett;
Genre/Subject: Fantasy;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 411;
(Page count for might be different due to scanning or formatting)
File Size: 1.4 MB;

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