Terry Pratchett - Snuff PDF (Discworld #39)

Terry Pratchett - Discworld #39: Snuff PDF

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Snuff is the 39th novel in Discworld fantasy series by English writer Sir Terry Pratchett. First published in 2011, with 55,000 copies sold in the first 3 days, it became the third fastest selling novel ever in UK. The title of the book, according to Pratchett himself, has “at least two meaning” and A.S. Byatt from The Guardian noted it may refer to “an old-fashioned stimulant to be kept in elegant boxes and snorted gracefully in society” and “arbitrary and unpleasant deaths.”

If the previous novel is a fantasy intended for young adults, this volume is written for mature readers, featuring the famous Ankh-Morpork City Watch with the focus on the adventure of Commander Sam Vimes.

*Preview of Terry Pratchett's Snuff*
Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch is on holiday in the pleasant and innocent countryside, but not for him a mere body in the wardrobe. There are many, many bodies—and an ancient crime more terrible than murder.

He is out of his jurisdiction, out of his depth, out of bacon sandwiches, occasionally snookered and out of his mind. But never out of guile. Where there is a crime there must be a finding, there must be a chase and there must be a punishment.

They say that in the end all sins are forgiven.

But not quite all...

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