Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote PDF

Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote PDF

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The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, or widely known simply as Don Quixote, is a classic novel by Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes. Originally published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1625, this book is most likely the most influential and important Spanish novel in history that even Russian Fyodor Dostoyevsky said about this work, “A more profound and powerful work than this is not to be met with...The final and greatest utterance of the human mind.”

Depicting the life and ambition of Alonso Quijano who in his adventure to pursue his dreams to revive chivalry takes the name of Don Quixote, this novel has become the foundation of modern Western Literature. The importance of this book can be seen in how many lists put it high in the greatest literary works of fiction ever published.

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Don Quixote has become so entranced reading tales of chivalry that he decides to turn knight errant himself. In the company of his faithful squire, Sancho Panza, these exploits blossom in all sorts of wonderful ways. While Quixote's fancy often leads him astray—he tilts at windmills, imagining them to be giants—Sancho acquires cunning and a certain sagacity. Sane madman and wise fool, they roam the world together-and together they have haunted readers' imaginations for nearly four hundred years.

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