Michelle Magorian - Goodnight Mister Tom PDF

Michelle Magorian - Goodnight Mister Tom PDF

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Goodnight Mister Tom, ranked at 49 on The Big Read Survey by BBC, is a “decorated” kids’ novel by English writer Michelle Magorian. It is said to be decorated because, since its publication in 1981, it has won numerous awards and prizes especially in children’s book category. A musical and a film adaptation based on this classic book have also been made.

The story in this book is set during the Battle of Britain in World War II. A London boy, Willie Beech, who has suffered abuse while living with his single mom, has to flee from the air raids and evacuate to the rural area. He arrives in a country and being taken under the care of Mr. Tom, grumpy but kind-hearted elderly. In this part of England, a country where friendship and affection preserve while the entire world is enflamed by war, that boy feels like he is living in a world that he never knew existed.

*Reviews of Michelle Magorian's Goodnight Mister Tom PDF*
‘A small, timid refugee from wartime London—and from a sadistic mother—and a lonely villager who has reluctantly accepted the child form a bond of love and trust that is deeply touching. Michelle Magorian has created a vivid cast for an English story with universal and timeless appeal.’—Zena Sutherland, IRA Children’s Book Award Chair.

‘An engrossing, vividly detailed novel.’—BL.

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